5 Principles for New Home Sales Agents

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As new home sales agents, we often find ourselves looking back on the “game-tape” of the events that were played out on life’s field that day.

At times we may be searching for answers, meaning, direction, and are left wondering, “Where did the day go? What did I forget to do? Could I have done more?”

Today can seem like the same day, everyday, yet we play back the moments spent and time loss anyway…hoping, for a glimpse of a fresh start tomorrow.

There is an endless list of daily decisions that need to be made and acted upon in order for us to find inner peace and success; according to John Maxwell there are only twelve.

In his book “Today Matters,” leadership expert John Maxwell crystallizes a dozen key areas of life, that he guarantees will help any individual find fulfillment, purpose, and success each day of their life.

Known for his quick witted humor in the organizational and business leadership arena, he takes a more personal, reflective tone in scripting what could be known as one of his best books yet.

John begins by underlining the value of every single day; saying that “today can be a masterpiece…, or a disaster;” it all depends on the sum of decisions that we make each day.

The following paragraphs illustrate just a few out of the twelve key points found in the individual daily decisions outlined by Maxwell in “Today Matters.”

  • Today’s ATTITUDE gives Me Possibilities

Ever look in a mirror and not like what you see? Is your reflection involved in a hidden conspiracy to sabotage your self image?

Are you at conflict with what you believe about yourself?

Some people are old, and don’t act their age; some are overweight, and don’t care; others are beautiful, and haven’t a clue.

Your attitude is the reflection, of your perception of life. What you believe determines what you will see!

Beginning each morning with a positive mental outlook is crucial to realizing the impact that each day has in creating a healthy life.

  • Today’s PRIORITIES Gives Me Focus

Allowing outside circumstances and events to dictate the path and destination of life is frustrating and dangerous. Prioritizing each activity, everyday ensures you a maximum return on time and energy.

Imagine waking up every morning with a list of 100 places to stop on your way to work. Most likely many of those detours would keep you from making it to your job on time, and keep you from doing what you know needs to be done.

Half way down the list, the pit in your stomach spells out the potential loss of your job, so you disregard the rest of the itinerary and rush to work. But it’s too late, the damage is done – your boss doesn’t understand.

Not having a clear impression of what is important to you personally in life is just about the same thing… going somewhere but, not getting to where you want to be.

  • Today’s HEALTH Gives Me Strength

If you feel like you are moving a lot slower than you use to, it’s probably not the fact that your birthday is next week. Really!

Medical studies, one after another prove that it is the lack of physical activity in human life that degrades our bodies, not necessarily our age.

In modern society it is readily declared that the right attitude to have in our careers is “work smarter, not harder.” Time will prove however, that this is a fallible viewpoint.

We should be aiming to, “work harder and smarter!” Our physical bodies need to be challenged consistently. You have heard that a “chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” so it goes with us.

Every detail to maintaining a healthy spirit, soul, and body will add value to our life experiences each day.

  • Today’s FAMILY Gives Me Stability

Physically, the muscles in the abdomen are the most important group of muscles in our body.

From our mid-section you can trace an unbreakable fiber of muscle tissue to each one of our other 560+ muscle groups.

Intricately woven, this network of different muscles combine and work together, to promote physical movement throughout our body.

In our lives, the role of our family and its members, demonstrate a similar relationship between society and our self.

The “bread basket” of personal peace and fulfillment is found in a life patterned by love and interdependence with others.

Developing healthy relationships with those that are closest to us give us strength to fulfill our potential daily.

  • Today’s THINKING Gives Me an Advantage

For most of us, thinking is something we do not do enough of.

It used to be, that men and women were praised for the gift of being able to pull thoughts out of other’s minds. In contrast however, today’s society rewards those who are able to incorporate their own thoughts into another mind.

We should think more about thinking.

Weighing out our options in fore sight, allows us the freedom to be able to choose our own destiny.

This incredible tool is powerful in that it provides us with the opportunity to concisely and effectively communicate our goals, desires, needs, and position in life to others around us.

Today, amidst everything else, is a new chance to get it right… even this morning’s troubles have already been spent, paid in full, with no option for a refund!

Benjamin Franklin was quoted as saying, “One today is worth two tomorrows; what I am to be, I am now becoming.”

There is no better ailment for days gone by and no fonder cure for days to come, than making good decisions today.

Take time to evaluate, and become familiar with what is really important in life, and don’t hold back in living it out.

Do this daily and discover truly that TODAY MATTERS MOST!


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